• Happy to have been involved in Bloom Publishing’s latest project “35ppm” which was released in print form at the Photobook Melbourne book fair last week.
    Check it out HERE

  • Late last year my ex-housemate and all round good bloke Will Martin asked me for a small series of photos which he planned to send out to 6 writers from different parts of the world. Since then each of these writers has interpreted that series of photos in their own way & come back with 6 extremely varied short stories.

    The results can be found in the beautifully designed first issue of The Short Anthology which Will has self published and released just last week.

    Get your copy HERE

  • I’ve got a handful of photos featured in Issue #35 of Errr-Magazine along with Eylül Aslan, William Broadhurst & lots of other great photographers.
    Free if you live in Mexico.

  • Some of my photos featured on Mutant Space
    These are intimate pictures, a diary of fragments that look to mark Coleman’s journey through the landscape, a series of pictures that remind us of how beautiful the world around us is and why we must always seek to venture out into the wilderness to find the fire within us.