• I’ve got a handful of photos featured in Issue #35 of Errr-Magazine along with Eylül Aslan, William Broadhurst & lots of other great photographers.
    Free if you live in Mexico.

  • Some of my photos featured on Mutant Space
    These are intimate pictures, a diary of fragments that look to mark Coleman’s journey through the landscape, a series of pictures that remind us of how beautiful the world around us is and why we must always seek to venture out into the wilderness to find the fire within us.

  • THE FOX IS BLACK have featured my mirage series HERE
    "bleak desert landscapes, tropical forests and water-sprayed crevasses, the work has a dreamlike aesthetic that is both mysterious and confounding."

  • Bleached have curated a show that interprets Australian identity past press photo allegiances, through a more poetic means of exploring our every day. Artists include Callum Ross, Joe Nigel Coleman, Mckenzie Briggs, Blaine Thomas Watson, Sophie Richards, Sam Davison and heaps more.
    Involved in this EXHIBITION happening in Brisbane next week @ Bleached Gallery